Jumping Canyons


This site is designed to be a place for people who read my Urban Bio, Cascadia: A West Coast Nation, to get extras, such as city maps, interesting tidbits and works-in-progress pics. I'll also be developing a blog section for people to comment on the updates. Hope you enjoy the site, and please tell me what I can improve and add!                                                                                                             
                                Your friend,

Cascadia: A West Coast Nation

        This is my first and most developed Urban Biography. It is based on a Pacific West Coast environment, but has begun to deviate from this in Updates 31 & 32. I have created a fictional nation, the Pacific Nation of Cascadia, as a location for the UB to take place. This includes the making of maps, nailing down the internal organization, and some basic history, which is being expanded upon as part of the Earth V2 project on CSGforums. Cascadia has also been honoured on SC4Devotion as a part of OSITM and on CSGforums as a Featured UB. Please stop by and visit, I'm sure the Cascadian tourism industry will thank you!

Okanagan: An Architect's Journey

       This is my second, lesser known Urban Biography. It is also based on a West Coast environment, but instead of taking the 'here's some pictures, aren't they great' approach, Okanagan is a narrative UB, focusing on the life of young architect Tyler Jellkey as he strives to make an impact on Cascadian history. Unfortunately, Okanagan hasn't been touched since June 1st, as I've been focusing on Cascadia, but I do have plans to continue with it. Okanagan can only be found on CSGforums, as SC4Devotion has a 1 MD rule.